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May 28, 2008


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I wanted to dive into those pics!!
La ponzoNa is MINE, next time!!!!
Everything looked awesome!!!!
I might just need a smoker soon!
Are they expensive?


U wanna get married??? LOL
I'll marry ur friend, if ur taken??
If u make food like that, ur definitely marriage material!!!!
I'm so in love that I don't care if ur a girl or a boy!!!!
Remember, I was the first one to ask!!! ;-)


LOL! Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

That smoker is also a regular grill, just not gas-powered. It cost $159 @ Home Depot (plus tax). Sweet, right? =)

The smoker part is the little chamber on the left.

As for the marriage proposal, you will be added to the list of possible cadidates. ;)

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