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I call myself a baker. But most refer to me as a Pastry Chef. I currently teach Baking & Pastry @ a local university and bake and cook privately as well. When possible I enjoy eating out, cooking, and writing about all of these food related things.


* I started this out mostly as a place to ANONYMOUSLY review restaurants I visited - most in Puerto Rico. Long story short, I've decided to say screw it, come out of from behind the kitchen door (pun intended; yes, I can be corny) and just write whatever I want.
* I will now dedicate moncheo mostly to eating out. I am slowly in the process of taking all relative posts out of Typepad (host of this site) and moving them into Wordpress (for free). For now all should remain here as is.
* I've also removed the review section of the site (where I say if it was good or if it sucked) and will now just include it in the post.
* Any new personal cooking posts I will post in my personal blog:
cheftamara's blog @ Wordpress
* I also have what might be called a "mini-blog" on
cheftamara @ Tumblr which works well for posting quickly from my phone. Any lengthy posts will go on the Wordpress link mentioned above.
* I'm also randomly rambling on Twitter (why not?) so you can find me there as well: cheftamara @ twitter
* Most of the pics from the posts are available on Flickr: moncheo pics @ flickr
* Buen provecho!


travel, dining out, cooking, reading, baking, eating, sleep, drinking, sleep. (not in any specific order.)